15-16 / 09 / 2016

Build amazing tech together

Thank You!

HackExtend is over!

We would like to thank all our participants, sponsors and partners. It had been so much fun! Have a look for yourself!

Have we made any mistake with the team descriptions? Let us know at contact@hackextend.com

Our teams and projects

Evos (Team 1)

Yoav, Israel, Adi, Roi and Shaked created an application that automatically generates seating arrangements for a wedding or similar event based on your friends facebook profiles.

Team 2

Lital, Mirna, Alon, Hilin and Daniel created a system that would alert you in case you forgot your child in the car by SMS. They used Genuino and another TI device they brought and managed to create two different sensor systems!

To Take (Team 4)

Yael, Meni and Tahel created an Android app that given a destination and dates will advise you on what you should take with you based on machine learning of other users suggestions. They used Firebase and Raccoon.

No Mole (Team 5)

Bell, Moshe, Ofir and Aya developed an application that analyses moles to determine whether they might be malignant and should be examined by a doctor. They used OpenCV for the algorithm and Flask as a backend. Have a look at their brouche (PDF)!

Team 8

Dror, Meital and Nadav created a top-down verical scrolling space shooter using Unity.

libs (Team 9)

Noaa and Alex designed a platform for sharing books between friends. It allows users to upload their home library, share it with their friends and browse other libraries for books they would like to borrow.

Team 10

Chamutal and Keren created a video game where two players build block structures and need to destroy each other's buildings. They used Java and Swing for that.

Recipe app (Team 12)

Avital, Yonatan, Inbar and Irit created and application that matches recipes to user profiles, mostly based on food allergies.

Monster Lunch (Team 13)

Anna, Itay and Leah made an Android game where you have to feed monsters according to their preferences and try not get it wrong or you'll lose points.

Travello (Team 15)

Noam, Ben, Meytar, Liora and Rotem created and app that suggests places to visit based on your friends recommendations. The application uses Google Maps and maps created by friends to show you what they recommended and where.

Stroke (Team 16)

Yoad, Arial, Maayan and Maya used neuron networks to identify whether a person had suffered a stroke based on their photo. Started with Arduino, they had to port their project to PC due to hardware problems.

Team 18

Daria, Gal, Adir and Inbal had analyzed the last words recorded from death-row prisoners for insights. They used NLP strategies and IBM's Watson for their analysis.

Farhet.com (Team 19)

Aseel and Juber created a web app for managing events such as weddings, briss and just about anything. The application lets you choose a singer or band, a place for your event and a date and it will contact them for you to get a quote.

Time Barter (Team 23)

Tim, Katya, Shir, Inbar and Yotam created an Android app where users can barter their time and knowledge by tutoring other users on their field of expertise.

Beit Hatfutzot hit map

Shif and Benny created a "hit map" for our hosts, Beit Hatfutzot, website. Using their access logs they display on a map from where in the world visitors to the website had came.


What is HackExtend?

A Hackathon is an event lasting a couple of days where people join to build technological projects. HackExtend is a hackathon dedicated to diversity, creativity and collaboration. We want to bring together a talented group of people, that will create extroardinary tech.

Who can attend?

  • If you are a developer, product manager, designer, marketer, artist or tech enthusiast
  • Little or lots of experience - doesn’t matter
  • You don’t have to know what you want to build, or even what tech you want to use.
    You just need to want to build cool tech.
Not sure if you fit?
Ask us:

Is HackExtend right for me?

  • Have an app, startup, or idea that you’ve always wanted to build and never had the time or resources?
  • Want to learn new technologies?
  • Want to beef up your resume, experience or your favorite open source host?
  • Curious about what it’s like to build a product from scratch?
  • Want to meet and network with cool, creative, and innovative people like you?
  • Want to be introduced to some of the leading tech companies in the industry?
  • Never been to a hackathon, but want to try?
  • Don’t have a team, but want to try?
If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, HackExtend is for you.


For participants

Beit Hatfutsot
Tel Aviv University

Preparation Event
10:00 AM

Hack Extend
09:00 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

Will HackExtend last until Saturday?

No. Coding will end on Friday morning and the final exhibition and ceremony will close the event no later than 13:00 Friday.

What will we do overnight?

You can stay up and continue developing your product, use our mattresses area to sleep (you can bring a sleeping bag for your comfort), or go back home and come back the next morning.

Do I need to pay to join HackExtend?

No, it’s free, but your application needs to be accepted.

Do I have to have a group?

Not at the beginning. You can apply without a group and we’ll help you find one. You can find team members during our prep event, in our dedicated Facebook and Google groups, or even at the beginning of the hackathon.

Are you going to supply any food?

Yes, three meals on Thursday and two on Friday. Snacks, coffee, water, and other goodies will be available at all times.

Do I need a computer?

Yes. We’ll supply electricity and WiFi, but you will have to use your own computer. If this is preventing you from applying, please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Will I be able to get any help on my project?

Definitely. Our super nice and experienced mentors will be available during and prior to the event.

Why should I attend?

It will be an opportunity to meet great, like-minded people who also love making things. You’ll be able to improve your professional skills, social skills, and potentially your career. You are most likely to have fun and, in many cases, have a lifechanging experience.



The 8 Kinds of Projects You Meet at a Hackathon by Tess Rinearson

Survival Guide to Your First Hackathon by Michelle Sun

How to start your game development by Extra Credit

A Beginner's Guide To Making Your First Video Game from Kotaku by Zoe Quinn

Hackathon Toolbox Essential Tools and Practices by the Code Ship


Web & Mobile Apps

Angular 2 Quickstart - Framework for developing complex web applications

Meteor Getting Started - Full-stack Javascript platform for web and mobile applications

Game Development

Unity's tutorials page - popular framework for game development

Phaser - Create a shoot-em-up tutorial - open source HTML5 game framework

Getting started with Git

Example Projects

HUJI Hackathon


Awesome Projects Done in Two Days

Seed Projects

Seed projects are skeleton projects in a certain framework that can be used for a quick start, for example:

Resources from Our Sponsors

Beit Hatfutshot Database front end (Angular 1.4, Open source)

Beit Hatfutshot Database API

Google's Firebase - Firebase gives frontend developers backend services, such as storage, authentication, DB, messaging, etc.

Google App Engine - Google's PaaS (platform as a service) is available for free for two months

List of all Google services

Edison and Arduino boards, courtesy of Intel and XLN. Please let us know in advance if you'll be using them:

Intel Edison Compute Module - Miniature computer for makers, IoT and more.

Arduino & Genuino - Low-power, sensor filled development board


Application period has ended.

Preparation Event

Presentations from preparation event

Videos from the preparation events will be available soon.


Our mentors are group of engineers, product managers and designers from wide backgrounds. They will be available before and during the event for questions.

Want to be a mentor?

Fill this form or contact us at:


Our mentors are group of engineers, product managers and designers from wide backgrounds. They will be available before and during the event for questions.

Want to be a mentor?
Fill this form or contact us at:


The faces behind HackExtend

Netta Bondy

Yoav Luft

Rabea Bader

Dafna Rosenblum

Ofer Schreiber

Amit Yaccobi

Nadav Meidan

Yael Levy

Avital Zipori

Yarden Sibony

A call for
first timers

Our vision

Hackathons are awesome for so many reasons. They stimulate creativity and problem-solving, give participants a sense of accomplishment and worthiness, facilitate the aquisition of new technical skills, and beef up resumes. Unfortunately, many engineers don’t attend hackathons due to lack of self-confidence, exposure to these events, or because they may not have a team they can build with. This problem is even more common amongst groups that are under-represented in the high tech industry.

That's why we decided to create HackExtend - a hackathon for people who usually don’t hack. We want to create a different type of event; one that’s focused on creativity and community, not competition. It’s about learning, meeting new people, and building cool things together. We are working very hard to make it extremely diverse, and will prioritize diverse groups in acceptance.

Contact us

We're always happy to hear your thoughts

Contact us

We're always happy to hear your thoughts